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1. Introduction

2. 3ds Max Basic

3. Command panel work

4. Material editor & Render setup

5. 3D Modeling (Project)

1. Introduction about 3ds Max

Autodesk 3d Max, formerly 3D studio Max, is a 3D computer graphic program for making 3D animations, models and images.

Firstly “3D studio Max” was originally created by the Yost group. Autodesk purchased the product at the the second release update of

the 3D studio MAX version. Later the product name was changed to “3ds Max” (all lower case).

 Field Applications

a. Interior & Exterior design as Architecture purpose

b. Civil & Mechanical Engineering

c. Film Industry

d. Jewellery Design

e. Video Games

f. Cartoons and movie making clips

g. Advertisement

2. 3ds Max Basic

1. Workspace with viewports

2. View Cube

3. Gizmos W,E,R

4. Parts of 3ds Max

5. Command Panel

6. Viewport (maximize and minimize)

7. View short keys T,F,L,P

8. Orbit (Alt + drag center click)

9. Grid (On/Off)

10. Customize (unit setup)

11. Mirror

12. Group

13. Copy (with shift)

14. Snap toggle

15. Hide/unhide/selection

16. Selection (by Ctrl + one-by-one object)

3.Command Panel Work

1. Create and Modify

2. Standard Primitives

3. Extended Primitives

4. Compound object, Boolean

5. Doors

6. Windows

7. Stairs (Types, Railings, Carriage)

8. Lathe

9. Water

10. Cloth (Bed sheet, Blanket, Curtain)

11. AEC Extended (Foliage, Railing, Wall)

12. Splines (for 2D work)

13. Text

14. Standard & photometric lights

15. Camera

16. Sun light, Day light

17. Sweep

18. Attach, weld

19. Twist

20. Convert 2D to 3D by Rendering option

21. Editable poly (Extrude, chamfer, inset, cap, bridge etc.)

22. Editable mesh

23. Bezier corner

4.Material editor & Render setup

1. Texture, Defuse, Bitmap

2. UVW Map

3. Arch & design (Glossy, pearl, matte etc.)

4. Opacity

5. Ambient

6. Render setup

7. Render setting

8. Render view (shift+F)

5.3D Modeling (Project steps)

1. Import a plan from AutoCAD

2. Make Group

3. Adjust Grid at origin (0,0,0)

4. Unit setup in inches

5. Import→ merge→ any model (Saved models or any library model

can import)

6. Post production in Photoshop

7. Post production in V-ray

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